UAV Ground School and Flight Training

UAV Ground School and Flight Training

Altohelix and Toronto Airways | Canadian Flight Academy, the largest flight school in Canada, runs full time UAV Ground School and Flight Training with a Transport Canada Flight Training Unit based in the Greater Toronto Area.

This training is required for Transport Canada Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) and Pilot Permits.

Our instructors hold Air Transport Pilot License with Flight Instructor rating and be submitted to Transport Canada for SFOC application and Pilot Permits in the future.



Provides training and certifications required for SFOC application and Pilot Permits.

Instruction, examination and certification for Transport Canada Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems UAV 25 kg or less, Operating within Visual Line of Sight (TP15263E) and Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A).

Delivered at two locations by Transport Canada Flight Training Unit and accepted by Transport Canada for SFOC and Pilot Permits.

Course instructors hold ATPL with Flight Instructor rating.  This UAV Ground School is declared with Transport Canada as compliant with UAV SFOC requirements.


Buttonville Airport, 2833 16th Ave, Markham, ON L3R 0P8

Oshawa Airport, 1250 Airport Blvd, Oshawa, ON L1J 8P5

Buttonville Airport Training Centre

Oshawa Airport Training Centre



This course will teach you how to fly proficiently, safely and to conduct a operation under an SFOC.

  • Issuing NOTAMs
  • Verifying weather
  • Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Drone flying/piloting skills
  • Intelligent, automatic and autonomous flights
  • Payload/Camera Operation
  • Flight logging
  • Proper equipment handling

Taught by our flight instructors in a professional environment.


Bring your own drone or you can learn with our fleet of drones.


Transport Canada (TC) mandates all UAV pilots are trained, certified and responsible to ensure they have the right level of knowledge, experience and skills required to safely operate.

Ground schools are not certified by Transport Canada directly. This is delegated to approved Flight Training Units. Altohelix is partnered with Toronto Airways | Canadian Flight Academy, a Transport Canada Flight Training Unit to deliver pilot training.

Why is this important?

Transport Canada will likely transition to the FAA model which requires all UAV pilots to be licensed. This will be initiated in the very near future. Operators who do not have a pilot’s license or sufficient knowledge in Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) will be required to go through this training or will not be able to operate.

What does this mean?

If trained by UAV operators that are not part of flight school, in order to satisfy CARs, UAV pilots will eventually have to go to an approved flight training unit.

Together with Canada’s top flight school – Toronto Airways Canadian Flight Academy – we deliver comprehensive UAV pilot training courses for commercial, government and recreational operators.