Flight Training & Flight Review for Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations


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This one (1) day course will teach you how fly proficiently and to conduct an operation under an SFOC.

  • Flight Planning
  • Issuing NOTAMs
  • Verifying weather
  • Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Drone flying/piloting skills
  • Intelligent, automatic and autonomous flights
  • Payload/Camera Operation
  • Flight logging
  • Proper equipment handling

Taught by our flight instructors in a professional environment.

Bring your own drone or you can learn with our fleet of drones.

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Contact us to arrange custom dates at: 877-DRONES-8  (877-376-6378) or training@altohelix.com

Recommended Prerequisite: UAV Ground School (http://altohelix.com/product/uav-pilot-ground-school/)


Product Description

This one (1) day course will teach you how to plan flights, fly proficiently and to conduct an operation.

At the end of the training, the FLIGHT REVIEW required for Pilot Certificate – Advanced operations will be done for those who have passed the online exam.

Flight Review Overview:

• Pre-flight Planning Procedures
• Emergency Procedures
• Procedures: Take-off / Manual Flight / Lost Link /  Fly-away / Landing
• Operation specific competency

What to bring to the Flight Review:

  • Your drone to be used for the flight review and its Certificate of Registration
  • Site Survey and Operations Plan (to include Emergency Plan & Security Plan)
  • A copy of your Pilot Certificate
  • A valid (not expired) piece of government-issued (federal/provincial/territorial/state government authority or the equivalent body abroad) identification that provides their name and date of birth

Recommended Prerequisite: Advanced Operations Exam Training (http://altohelix.com/product/uav-pilot-ground-school/)

Sign up below or contact us to arrange custom dates at: 877-DRONES-8  (877-376-6378) or training@altohelix.com

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13 reviews for Flight Training & Flight Review for Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations

  1. Benjamin Frans (verified owner)

    Excellent and personalized training from Mike and Yeon-Tae. I could not be happier with my experience. I received my advanced RPAS pilot certificate the next day after completing this training. I would recommend them any day. Looking forward to working with them again in the future.

  2. Steve Poff

    Great training. Great trainers. Thoroughly enjoyed my time in this course. Highly recommended.

  3. Rome Mack (verified owner)

    Altohelix trained me on how to operate and maneuver my small race drone (very troubling to control) and made it simple to understand and do. Altohelix also trained me to use commercial and industry grade UAV’s to grasp the concept of what the drone environment has in different ranges. Can’t recommend training with them enough!!!

  4. Erone Q, (verified owner)

    In addition to the opportunity to be trained and hands-on flying several types of drones, I am most impressed with the safety focused aspect of the training. Very well done !

  5. Curtis Dafoe

    Altohelix made me feel confident to fly my drone and took me to the next level as a pilot in command!

    Continued support is very appreciated!

  6. Aaron Post

    The training provided by Altohelix was in depth, concise and covered all the necessary information in an east to understand, non-invasive and comfortable setting. Our instructor took the time with each team member to ensure we had a full understanding of all the necessary information.
    Great experience, Thanks again.

  7. Shale Gage

    I signed up for the ground school this summer and found it very informative. Great group of instructors, each one has a different background and set of skills to bring to the table. I came to the class with lots of questions as did all of the other students and I think we all left feeling the instructors did a great job explaining everything to us.

    Thanks Guys

  8. Orville McCalla

    I highly recommend Altohelix to any company, organization or individual that is looking for a complete drone training program. Their expertise in delivery and content is no doubt one of the best!

    Thank you guys!

  9. Andrew Butterworth

    An amazing, talented group who really know their stuff. Interesting content, lots of opportunity for questions and discussion. Highly recommended. -Andrew Butterworth

  10. Sean Corrigan

    The instructors for this course were very knowledgeable and excited to share their knowledge and training to make this an amazing learning opportunity. This course should be taken by anyone new to using drones up to the seasoned expert. The instructors covered everything that Transport Canada and Industry Canada require of drone pilots. As well an instructor who’s field is photography provided basic camera details as well as tips and tricks to assist in increasing our photogrammetry skills for creating high quality photos or video for production. I cant say enough of how enjoyable and educational this course was. I come away from this course feeling much more comfortable having the knowledge of what I should do before I go flying, where I can fly, how a drone works and what are the legalities around operating in various classes of airspace in Canada. If you are looking for a course that will deliver all you think you need to know and so much more then look no further. The course and the instructors are excellent!

  11. Steve Desrocher (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend the flight training conducted by Altohelix as either a stand-alone course, or in conjunction with their ground school. The day of training covered a variety of DJI drones ranging from the Mavic Air to the Matrice 600, and included instruction beyond the basics. Autonomous flight mapping and dual controller (flight and camera controls) setups were covered.

  12. Trevor Hale

    The Staff and Management of Altohelix is by far the most professional group of people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. The attention to detail that they provide is second to none. I could not recommend a better group of people to look after all your UAV needs. I spent months doing my research prior to hiring Altohelix and after experiencing first hand the service they provide, there is not another company in Canada that would even come close to the level of service Altohelix provides. If you are looking for a full turn key solution for your organization, Altohelix should be your only choice. You guys are #1.

  13. Ron Peters (verified owner)

    Well organized, efficient flight training and great guys to fly with.

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