Enterprise Drone Program Consulting


RPAS | Drone Program Enablement

To help organizations extend their capabilities through proper usage and adoption of drone technologies.

We provide program development, implementation, training and maintenance

    •    Approved training to meet Transport Canada requirements for drone operations certificates and licensing
    •    Adoption of best practices for operations: Development of Standard Operating Procedures and Operations manual
    •    Program maintenance and regulatory compliance – procedures, skills and knowledge currency
    •    Choosing the right drone: selection, testing

SFOC Consulting

Getting Special Flight Operations Certification to operate UAVs

  • We assist you in preparing the right SFOC application to meeting Transport Canada requirements and work with Transport Canada to get the appropriate SFOC
  • Consulting on getting Standing “Blanket” SFOC
Transport Canada has announced that there will be changes to the regulations on drones coming in 2018.  Altohelix is staying current and updated on the discussions with industry and Transport Canada, and will help you make the right strategic decisions and get the training that will keep you current and enable to meet any changes in the requirements for the future, including Pilot Permits and testing that are being planned.